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At Blue Chip Transaction Service we embrace the homeowner that wants to sell their home without the assistance of a Real Estate Professional!

We not only embrace it... We Want To Help You!

That's why we offer our transaction services to those that have the desire to close their transaction on their own. If you feel that you have the ability and time to identify a buyer for your property…. But don't know where to start the transaction process... We Can Do It For You!

Many homeowners run into frustration when they attempt to FSBO, finding it pretty easy to find the right buyer for their home, but in many cases they hit a wall when it's time to move the deal to a closing. Lawyers, lenders, inspections, disclosures, state compliance, are a bit overwhelming for many, which ultimately turn the transaction in a bad direction.

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One Low Flat Fee, No Hourly Rates!

Blue Chip Transaction Service wants to help you get to a smooth and seamless closing! When using our dedicated Transaction Coordinator and a carefully planned system designed just for you, we will bring your transaction from contract to closing in a precise and professional manner, and eliminate the risk of your sale falling through your fingers.

We will handle everything! When you turn the responsibility of your closing to a personalized concierge styled Transaction Coordinator, you eliminate risks and have a clear path to success!

And the best part is that we do it for One Low Flat Fee! No Hourly Rates!

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We will WORK WITH you!

World class service that is affordable and reliable. Contact Blue Chip Transaction Services now, we would love to discuss what we can offer you and your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our FAQ section below, use our online submission form.

Yes we do. However, we understand that you may want to take our service for a ‘test drive’ before you make a commitment. That is why we give you the first transaction for FREE. This will give us the required learning curve to craft your personalized service. Once you get past your first closed transaction we will ask that you commit to a minimum of 15 transactions per year.

Yes! After your initial onboarding you will be assigned a permanent transaction coordinator that will handle all of your transaction. Truly personalized!

At the onset, we will schedule an initial "onboarding" meeting. You will be required, in advance, to complete a questionnaire and a checklist that will outline in detail the specific closing tasks that you want your closing coordinator to accomplish. We can’t start closing your deals until you tell us what you want!

An assistant maintains and manages the day to day administrative duties required to maintain your business. This may include scheduling showing appointments, managing mail campaigns, marketing material or perhaps even website management.

A Transaction Coordinator brings your deals to a closing. This will include all of the needed tasks after your deals are in contract. In short, our goal is to get you closed quickly and efficiently!

Our service is a low cost fee that is assessed per transaction. No salaries, permanent staffing, no withholding taxes, no staff benefit packages. You only pay us when the deal closes! In many cases we can coach you on how to pass the transaction fee to your clients, team leader, or Broker.

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